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Science Labs


Physics Lab
Physics Lab gives you a unique opportunity to perform experimental investigation of the phenomena and physical laws that are presented in Physics lecture from a theoretical perspective. In JICC, under the supervision of expert teachers and competent lab technicians you will not only practice hands on skills involving a range of scientific apparatus, but also imbibe basic experimental methods including data acquisition and quantitative analysis.


Botany Lab
To introduce a spirit of research oriented investigation a state of the art laboratory has been designed while keeping in mind all paraphernalia as well as  equipment needed to conduct botanical experiments.

Zoology Lab
Highly facilitated Bio lab (Biological experiment laboratory) has been designed to facilitate and promote the spirit of research and experimentation among B.Sc students. It supports students for biological research on small invertebrates, microorganism, animal cells and tissue culture. It is equipped with high tech instruments, chemicals, apparatus and all the essentials paraphernalia required by students.

Chemistry Lab
To cope up with the scientific research being carried around the globe in the field of chemistry, JIGC puts forward a strong emphasis on the chemistry lab. It is design to support and illustrate chemical concepts studied during the lecture, as well as to introduce important laboratory techniques and encourage analytical thinking. Highly accoutered labs with apparatus, while keeping in view, safety protocol has been designed to optimize their working experience.

Biology Lab
To cognize students about the practical aspects of theoretical knowledge about various natural processes, JIGC sets up biology lab crammed with classical as well as specialty tools and equipments. High-Tech facility along with knowledgeable teachers and well-trained lab technicians make learning a pleasant and scholarly experience.