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Chairman’s Message

“We cannot always build the future for our youth but we can build our youth for the future”

Having a holistic view of education our institute continues to empower the young students through knowledge and skills to partake in the economic development of Pakistan for over three decades. Our basic philosophy stems from the fact that we own our students being their custodian. It is our primary responsibility and top priority to guide our students to gain academic execl, to contribute to their spiritual growth, to enhance their confidence and character building. Our aim is that each and every graduate of Jinnah islamia group of colleges (JIGC) could pursue a successful career leading to a full rewarding and enjoyable life.

It is expected from the students to be proactive to take up the complex challenges of the present era and to rise to the opportunities of the local and international markets. We, therefore, strive to nurture and enhance the creative skills of our students to integrate learning to the market requirements.

We were privileged to have affiliation with the Punjab University to teach B.Sc, B.A and B.B.A classes from 2017.

We firmly believe that there is always room for improvement. We need to grow fast to excel in the provision of education in Science, Commerce, Information Technology and Humanities. And we are determined to be the “Centre of Excellence”, infusing a true spirit of professionalism in our impressionable younger generation whom we found drifting in a desert of ignorance and misdirection.

Our aim is to inculcate in depth knowledge and skills among our students, with a philosophy that the skepticism and vagueness of the students should be molded into conviction and affirmation to make them a better component of society.

Muhammad Yousaf Mughal
M.Com (PU) Gold Medalist
D.C.M.A (First Class First)