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Islamic Ideological Teaching
The students are made aware of the fact that religion is the essence of life, a code of conduct and mode of living. They are imbibed with the religious principles in such a way that Islamic traits become part of their personalities.

English Language Skills
To make the students proficient in global language, they are given extra-classes in English at Intermediate, Bachelors & Masters levels, which enhances their skill in written and spoken expression.

College Cafeteria
The college cafeteria is generally considered the most desired placed for the comfort of the students. A wide range of high quality eatables are available in the college café at competitive rates

Medical aid
Occasionally qualified medical doctors visit the college campuses to attend the medical requirements of the students.

Transport Card Facility
Our students are eligible for concession by all the transport authorities and as such the students are entitled to travel on concessional rates by Road, Railway and air (PIA).

Prayer & Common Room
A room has been reserved for common use of the students, where they can pray & relax in free hours.

Air Conditioned Campus
We have fully air-conditioned class rooms to provide the students an atmosphere which save them from unbearable humidity and heat of the summer thus allowing them to concentrate on their assignments.