Seminars and workshops, Revision classes
Parents Teachers Meeting (PTM)
Disciplined, secured and congenial learning environment
Easy accessible locations, Purpose built air conditioned campuses
Pre board examinations
Test session during February/March/April
Long classes, Weekend classes, Quiz competitions
Teachers training workshops
Special lectures of eminent personalities
Liaison with parents
Regular weekly / Monthly house tests
Timely completion of 100% courses
Qualified and experienced teaching faculty
Merit and need based scholarships
Separate campuses for boys and girls
Highly qualified and professional management
17 Positions in MBA in University of the Punjab-2013
4 Top Positions in M.Com in Lahore-2013
7 Positions among the top 10 in MBA-I in University of the Punjab-2011
Serving the Nation for the last 35 years
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Good marks for mentoring program aimed at reducing violence

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34-A-1 PECO Road, Township, Lahore.

  • 042-35113534, 042-35119941

4/A-C PECO Road, Township, Lahore.

  • 042-35970087, 042-35970088


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